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No. 124 0-4-0 Switcher

#124 with her water tank reinstalled. St. Jacobs Repair Shop May 18th, 2012, Photo by Carson Wiebe





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Date Acquired

Acquired From

No. 124


Builder No CLC #1896


# Blt 14

February 1930 by the Canadian Locomotive Company

1930 to 1930 Beauharnois Construction Company 124

1940 to 1935 Beauharnois Light Heat & Power Co. 124

May 1935 to 1950 Falconbridge Nickel Mines 103

      1950 to 1969        M. J. Poupore Lumber Co. 103

1969 to 2002 Alexander P. Brown


The estate of Alexander P. Brown


Weight of Engine in running order 86,500 lb. Weight of Tender in running order No Tender Weight of Engine and Tender in running order 86,500 lb.
Weight of Engine empty 86,500 lb. Weight of Tender empty No Tender Weight of Eng. and Tend empty 86,500 lb.
Tractive Power, Maximum 17,000 Fuel Capacity   Water Capacity 1,500 Gallons
Length over all, Engine and Tender 29'-3" Extreme Width 0'-0" Extreme Height 14'-6"


14 identical 0-4-0T's. 43 tons, 17,000 t.e. oil-fired. CLC #1867 3/30 Don Mc.Queen Collection
Note, these powerful locomotives had Walschaerts valve gear and were superheated.

These locomotives were used 1930-1932 during construction of the massive hydro-electric dam and powerhouse on the St. Lawrence river. Engines became Beauharnois Light Heat & Power Co. 111-124. 112 and 114 sold 1940 to Defense Industries Ltd. 2001, 2002. (At least one of which was resold to National Steel Car) 118 sold to Quebec Sugar Co. 121 and 124 sold May 1935 to Falconbridge Nickel Mines 102, 103. They converted both to coal account oil firing not suitable for plant switching. Then, in 1950 FNM 103 was sold to M. J. Poupore Lumber Co. (owned by Falconbridge) in Skead. Around 1935-40 123 was sold to Cooksville Brick & Tile, Cooksville. Three more were sold for export to Japan and 5 were scrapped around 1950 by Andrew Merrilees (D), who could no longer market steam locomotives.

CNR locomotive engineer Alexander P. Brown of Parry Sound bought 124 (CLC #1896 2/30) in July 1969 in derelict condition and restored it to operation on a very short piece of track on his rural property. Upon Alex's death it went to Don Broadbear, who was (2003) restoring it in St. Thomas, to operation. In 2010 # 124 was moved to the new locomotive repair shop in St. Jacobs for the restoration to be completed.





#124 without her water tank at the St. Jacobs Repair Shop passing track while ETR #9 was being moved around preparing to reconnect her tender. May 9th, 2012, Photo by Carson Wiebe

124's water tank still stored off the locomotive. May 12th, 2012 in St. Jacobs, Ontario. Photo by Carson Wiebe

124's water tank stored on ex. C&O 40' flat car CO912357 August 24th, 2004 in St. Thomas, Ontario. Photo by Chris Gallow

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