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WCR 1518 - 95 Ton Switcher

Electro Metallurgical # 18
Electro Metallurgical Co. Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Electro Metallurgical # 18 was built by General Electric in Erie Pennsylvania in August 1956 for the Electro Metallurgical Company of Niagara Falls, New York. All the information we have been able to find shows #18 spending her entire working life in Niagara Falls, New York. This plant was built and operated by the Electro Metallurgical Company (acquired by Union Carbide in 1922) to provide extensive metallurgical research and manufacturing of uranium.
In addition to #18, various references have been found to several other 95 ton units owned by the Electro Metallurgical Co. The following 4 units, Serial Numbers 31515 (1952), 31730 (1953), 32514 and 32515 (1956), were also owned by the company.
Electro Metallurgical was purchased by Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. Union Carbide also owned several GE 95 Ton locomotives: References to the following units have been found: Serial Numbers 30831, 30832, 31124 and 31125 all built in 1951. Serial number 30831, #16 was sold and became Cleveland Electric Illuminating  #16 (Ashtabula, OH) and it is believed to have been scrapped. The original General Electric Renewal-Parts Catalog for this unit is in our archive collection.
No pictures of #18 in Electro Metallurgical paint and numbering have been found to date.
On June 30th, 1992, the Praxair industrial gases subsidiary was spun off to Union Carbide Corporation's stockholders after the Internal Revenue Service ruled that the split would be tax-free.
#18 became the property of Praxair and in 2008 they decided that they no longer needed her and put her up for sale.

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