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WCR 1518 - 95 Ton Switcher
The Restoration to Operating Order
 According to Praxair's records #18 was last operated in 2000. In the following years prior to it's arrival here, no maintenance was performed on her. During these years she began to deteriorate. A complete mechanical and cosmetic overhaul is required to bring here back to operation order. The restoration of 1518 will be directed by the team of Tony and Carson.
The first item to be performed was moving 1518 to it's new home on the new shop track N22 where an initial assessment of the work required was performed.
A complete cleaning including a wash down of the engine compartment was completed on April 24th. 2009
For the next couple of months lubricants were injected into the cylinders and the Cooper Bessemer engine was turned over by hand. Although it took two people to turn it over there was no indications that the pistons, cylinders or the crank was damaged or seized.
In August 2009  the bearings were removed from 1518 by Tony, Carson and Don.
They were then sent to Canadian Babbitt Bearings Ltd. in Brantford, Ontario for rebuilding. The bearings have now been repaired and returned to St. Jacobs for installation. I wish to thank the following from CBB for their help in the rebuilding  of the bearings.
Brian Wilson - Technical Advisor
John Sanderson - Plant Manager
According to the parts book #18 was shipped from GE equipped with a Leslie Tyfon model A-125-247. Somebody removed the original horn before we acquired # 18. After a long search, on February 23rd, 2011 the replacement horn arrived.
Unfortunately in 2014, the board of directors decided that they were not up to the task of restoring this rare locomotive and decided to scrap her.

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