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WCR 1556 - GE 70 Ton Switcher
WCR 1556 wating in the GEXR Kitchener Yard waiting to be shipped out. GEXR Kitchener Yard, Kitchener, Ontario, 7/16/2018, Photo by Carson Wiebe
Waterloo Station, Waterloo, Ontario, Photo by Carson Wiebe





Previous Road

Date Acquired

Acquired From

WCR 1556

General Electric Diesel-Electric

Built for Pacific Great Eastern Railway

70 Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive

CLASS B-B-140/140-4GE748

Serial No. 30440

600 hp - re-powered

Number of units built - 238

Built 02/50

1950 to 1965 Pacific Great Eastern No.556

Andrew Merrilees Limited (D)

 1965 to 1997  Lake Ontario Steel Company No.1

1997 to 2008 St.Thomas Central No.10

August 1997

Lake Ontario Steel Company

On Loan from a Society Member

Returned to a Society Member July 2018

GE 70 Ton Production Roster
PGE No. 556 PGE No. 556 with No. 554 & No. 557 PGE No. 556
LASCO # 1 St.Thomas Central No. 10 WCR 1556 being repainted
Hexatone H5 horn shipped with PGE 556 H5 wav
WCR 1556 working at Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Ltd. January 2009

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