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WCR 2029 - 0-4-0 Switcher

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Waterloo Station, Waterloo, Ontario, November 14th, 2008, Photo by Carson Wiebe





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WCR 2029


0-4-0 tank engine

Empty Weight 60,000 Lbs.

Driver Diameter: 28

Tractive Effort: 9,990

Boiler Pressure: 170

built by Davenport in 1914

Dominion Construction of Winnipeg #2029

Muskoka Wood Products No.4, Huntsville, Ontario

Mr. Charles Matthews, Langstaff, Ontario

National Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, Ontario

Procor Industries No.54465, Oakville, Ontario


Donated by Procor Industries


[photogallery/WCR 2029 1/real.htm]


I recently learned that the Davenport company records now reside at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Davenport produced locomotives at its Davenport, Iowa plant between 1902 and 1956 and a number of their old steam and diesel locomotives still exist. Persons that might be seeking information on them are directed to Becky Thoms at the University of Iowa. Her e-mail address reportedly is:

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