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WCR 6593 - MLW (Alco) S-3 Switcher
Waterloo Station, Waterloo, Ontario, January 9th, 2013, Photo by Carson Wiebe





Previous Owners

Date Acquired

Acquired From

WCR 6593


105 Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive

Alco S-3

Class : DS-6a

Serial No. 82179

660 hp Switcher

August 1957

ALCO - Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW)

MLW Order 4016

Number of MLW S-3's built - 163

156th unit of 163

Canadian Pacific
CP 6593

Sold 10/1986

National Research Council
CSTX 6593

Sold 2012


National Research Council

Production Roster - by Alphabetical Listing - by Serial Numbers 76000 - 77000 - 79000 - 80000 - 81000 - 82000  Listings
Older Pictures
Pictures from Crown Assets Disposal sales website
Loading Pictures, July 2012 (Ottawa, Ontario)
Shipping Information
Unloading Pictures, May, 2012 (Kitchener Yard, Kitchener, Ontario)
Repair Work Pictures 2012
New Number Boards for 6593 and an old broken ones

During the cleaning we discovered that the prime mover had been replaced by Canadian Pacific prior to it's sale to National Research Council. The prime mover from CP 6608, an Alco (MLW) S-10, SN 82415 was installed. He is the lettering on the front end of the prime mover.

Photo by Carson Wiebe
Photo by Carson Wiebe

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