Sunset House
Built 1903
Original Name in 1903 - "Burcotte"
Designed by Philip Coles Palin

1871 - 1957

Ownership History of Lot 89, East side of Niagara Street, Plan 282, Collingwood, Ontario


Town of Collingwood Lot No. 89 on the East Side of Niagara Street.

Barrie Land Registry Office #51

 Microfilm Roll Number

No. of Instrument Nature of Instrument Its Date Date of Registry Owners Grantor. Grantee. Consideration or Amount of Mortgage Quantity of Land ... and Remarks # of Pages
84061 Conveyance  / Bill of Sale 6/3/1875 22 June 1875 Land only Joseph Robinson et al of Brantford & Georgina Robinson William W. Colewell et al $6500 All inter alia 27 224
85177 Conveyance and Assignment / Bill of Sale 9/30/1875 10/7/1875 Hon. William McMaster et al William W. Colewell ??? Truseee   All inter alia    
RP 282

Registered Plan 282

3440 Deed of Land / Bill of Sale 18 July 1887 29 July 1887 William Walker Colwell, Peter Patterson and Harry Colwell all of the City of Toronto Bernard Callary of the Town of Collingwood $ 150 Lot numbers 81, 82 & 83 4 27
3809 Deed of Land 5/22/1888   William W. Colewell et al ? $ 1551 All inter alia    
RO6596 Certificate of Vesting Order 12/21/1899 1/9/1900 Mary Ann Hearn, Plaintiff     All inter alia  Vesting service in William A. Hamilton    
RO6617 Release 12/21/1899 2/7/1900 Mary A. Copeland wife of John M. Copeland & Marie Donoher Isabella Leask, Ann Lee, William Hamilton, Frederick W. Churchill, George Henderson, William Carmichael, John Shaw, George W. Bruce, Thomas Long and John Long as T. Long & Brother, Rose Morrell, Hugh Campbell and Walter Harris   $1 All inter alia    
RO8826 B. of S. 9/3/1902 2/16/1905 First Owner William A. Hamilton ... of Collingwood Philip C. Palin of Collingwood $100 All of Lot    
8827 Bill of Sale 15 Feb. 1905 16 Feb. 1905 Philip C. Palin of Collingwood Beatrice E. Palin, wife of Grantor $1.00 All of Lot Subject to mortg.for $1,000 to Agnes M. Palin    
18222 Quick Claim 21 Dec. 1942 19 Feb. 1943 Second Owner Philip C. Palin of Ottawa, Richard G. Palin of Hamilton, Maude E. Edmunds & Mary Chapman of Toronto, the husband and children .... Beatrice E. Palin deceased, The ... Philip C. Palin ..... of Est. of Agnes M. Palin deceased. Lloyd Sanderson of Collingwood (Plumber) & his wife Margaret M Sanderson as joint tenants $2200 All of Lot    
18223 Mortg 21 Dec 1942 19 Feb 1943 Lloyd Sanderson of Collingwood & his wife Margaret M Sanderson Philip C. Palin of Ottawa $1700 All of Lot ???    
20992 D of M 23 June 1950 12 July 1950 Philip C. Palin of Toronto Lloyd Sanderson of Collingwood & his wife Margaret M Sanderson   ?    
B-2168728 Consent to Transfer Property 18 Dec. 1970   Department of National Revenue, Taxation Estate of Lloyd Basil Sanderson   (Date of Death July 30, 1970)    
349051 Transfer 21 Jan. 1971 28 Jan. 1971 Jacqueline Gladys Sanderson as Executrix of the Estate of Lloyd Basil Sanderson Jacqueline Gladys Sanderson $2 All of Lot and Premises    
Date of Conversion to Land Titles: 2001/05/14
RO349051 Transfer 2007/06/28   Second Owner   Jacqueline Gladys Sanderson        
SC556433 APL (General) 2007/06/28   Jacqueline Gladys Sanderson     Deleting S/T Debts in RO349051    
SC556837 Transfer 2007/06/28   Third Owner Jacqueline Gladys Sanderson Dygas, Lawrence & Bogard, Susan $3 Planning Act Statements    
SC556838 Charge 2007/06/28   Dygas, Lawrence & Bogard, Susan The Bank Of Nova Scotia        
SC1060888 Transfer 2013/06/05   Fourth Owner Dygas, Lawrence & Bogard, Susan Wiebe, Carson Rowland Peter $4 Planning Act Statements    

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